face tattooI was doing a coaching session with one of my writer coaching clients recently, and she shared how although she decided to coach with me to work on her branding and productivity, it was actually the mindset shifts that helped her the most. Yes, we worked on her social media profiles, created content for her website, drafted her bios, and worked on her writing schedule. But the deep work we did on shifting her mindset as a writer is what freed her up to give herself permission to “put herself and her words out there.”

I happened to use the phrase, “Writing a book is like getting a tattoo on your face” during our coaching session and it struck us both how true that statement really is. You are said to bleed onto the page as a writer. It can feel revealing and a bit scary. Add to that the branding component that writers these days face in order to promote their work, and for some, it elevates that fear even more.

We need to come to terms with the fact that we are setting forth emotional truths when we write and release them into the world. Wear those tattoos proudly!

If you need help with branding, business, productivity, or mindset coaching, contact me to see if we are a good match. I promise my version of a writer’s tattoo won’t hurt. 🙂