Branding, Business & Productivity Coach for Writers (and those that serve writers!)

Do you struggle with:

  • Writer’s block?
  • Making time to write?
  • Balancing your writing with a day job and busy family life?
  • Feeling confused about what your writer brand is and how to position yourself for the future?
  • Writer business logistics and finances?
  • Building a business that serves writers (e.g., book coaching, developmental editing, etc.)?

Writing can sometimes feel like a very solitary endeavor. As a coach and consultant for writers, I will be your partner along your writer’s journey. Think of me as a writing confidante, business strategist, branding expert, and cheerleader all rolled into one.

After working together, my clients report having increased motivation, clear direction, and feeling like they got their writer mojo back!

Through my coaching and consulting, I provide:

  • Expertise and accountability in setting measurable, attainable writing goals

  • Support and encouragement when the going gets tough

  • Detailed feedback on your writer brand, social media strategy, and marketing efforts

  • Guidance in balancing your writing goals with other demands, such as work or family

  • A partner who will help you develop and hone your writing career

My Experience

My career path includes decades as a lawyer, entrepreneur, productivity consultant, business strategist, speaker and nonfiction author. I draw upon my breadth and depth of knowledge, expertise, and experience when working with my creative clients. I’ve had the privilege of coaching creative clients of all types: photographers, film editors, hat makers, musicians, jewelry designers, painters, writers and authors, and more.

As a writer, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Donald Maass, Lisa Cron, Michael Hague, Jennie Nash, Mary Carroll Moore, Kathryn Craft, and more. As a craft and publishing industry geek, I attend numerous writer conferences, retreats, workshops, and webinars, and constantly read articles, podcasts, and blog posts related to writing and publishing. This professional development keeps me on my toes as a writer, and helps me bring a holistic approach to my coaching and consulting with my writer clients. I am one of you. I get it.

As the Webinar Host for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, I work closely with agents, editors, book coaches, authors, and other experts in the publishing industry. Serving in this role keeps my finger on the pulse of the writing community, and affords me a front-row seat to the changes and trends of the publishing industry.

I can’t promise that my coaching and consulting will land you an agent or book deal — only your writing can do that. What I can promise you is a boost in confidence and productivity, a better understanding of your brand, how to present a professional image and position yourself for your future writing career, and how to transition from hobbyist to professional.

My writer clients’ achievements are as varied as their writing careers: making time to finally finish a manuscript that seems to be taking forever, deciding to abandon a writing project that no longer serves them, deciding between various publishers, crafting a book launch plan, starting a blog, setting up a business for their writing, launching a writer website, landing a nonfiction book deal based on a video interview series, successfully launching a writer brand while also managing a demanding non-writing career, becoming an influencer on social media in the writing community, summoning the courage to enter a writing contest (and winning!), and more. I am a cheerleader and coach for every one of my clients and celebrate their successes along with them. 

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Sessions are by phone or video, or in-person in the Sacramento area by request.

Topics we can address:

  • Productivity as a Writer

  • Life-Work-Writing Balance

  • Growth/Success Mindset

  • Writer Business & Financials Set Up
  • Building your Writer Brand/Author Platform

  • Business Plan

  • Book Launch Plan

  • Marketing Plan

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Working with Your Publishing Team

Prosecco & Prose Sessions and Packages


Need a jump start, or a quick focused session for a targeted issue, and don’t want the commitment of a long-term coaching relationship at this time? Sessions are a great way to dip your toe into the coaching experience! They are budget-friendly, only-when-you-need-them coaching sessions. We focus on a few targeted topics… whatever you need help with. You pick what’s most important to you and we get to work on it.

Monthly Packages

Every writer has different needs, budgets, and productivity levels. With that in mind, I’ve designed three different long-term monthly coaching packages. Whether you’re struggling to find the time to write a few pages a week, just signed a book deal and need to fast track your writer brand and marketing strategy, or are a seasoned author looking to discuss advanced business topics, I’ve got you covered.

All of the packages come with bi-weekly coaching sessions, individualized “homework” and action plans, accountability, and email support to make sure you stay on track.

Group Training & Coaching

Want a group coaching experience?

I can present a topic to a small group of writers via Zoom at a reasonable rate per person. This is a great way to get assistance for your writing journey without a large price tag.

Please contact me for more details, and be sure to connect with me on social media and sign up for my newsletter to receive more information about future offerings.

Unsure which coaching option is best for you or want to see if we are a good fit? Set up a complimentary 25-minute Cappuccino Chat. We can get acquainted and discuss which session or package may be the best choice for you. I’ll bring the biscotti!

Client Testimonials

The Weight of FlowersI would absolutely, without reserve, recommend Lisa as a writer coach — she’s part tactician, part cheerleader, part psychologist — and all in when she’s your coach. I feel more confident with her in my court and know that I won’t miss a step because she’s aware of all stages and processes to branding and going to market. She’s also an attorney, although that isn’t part of her offering, that does give her added gravitas. I am singing her praises!

D.K. Silver, author of The Weight of Flowers,

Lisa’s coaching helped me find a way to brand myself as a writer and a psychologist in a way that made sense for me personally and professionally. She is knowledgeable, smart, professional, and very efficient in providing you with top advice no matter what you need.

Dr. Elena Mikalsen, Psychologist and Author,

The Disharmony of SilenceAs a debut author, I never thought of myself as a brand, or that I needed one. That was for non-fiction writers and breakfast cereals. Lisa opened my eyes! After just one very supportive session with her, I met the novelist that I am. With her intuition and understanding, Lisa zeroed in on my strengths. She helped me develop a totally new focus for my website, as well as for myself as a writer. She is a joy to work with — professional, efficient, extremely creative — and the best cheerleader.

Wild Land bookAs a debut author, I could handle the writing. But as my novel neared publication, I was going to have to start marketing both my book and myself—and that prospect felt overwhelming. My coaching session with Lisa was pivotal in giving me focus and direction. How do you develop a personal brand? What marketing possibilities are out there—and which of those match your personality, budget, and interest level? In a highly supportive discussion, Lisa helped me zero in on my strengths and develop an action plan. As a veteran productivity consultant and success coach, who is also an author herself, Lisa can provide strong support for authors at any stage of their writing career.

After years of struggling to finish my book, I knew I needed a new strategy. During my session with Lisa, I was able to come up with a plan that included serious accountability and a schedule I could live with. Five months later, I finished the book and have rediscovered the joy of writing. Lisa’s flexible approach and proven productivity strategies are especially suitable to authors. I highly recommend her services!

I want to give a shout out to the wonderful and amazing Lisa Montanaro! We just had our first business coaching session and it was SO great! I’m not a very business-savvy person. Funny to say that after running my own law firm for years, and now running my own book coaching business for the past 9 months, but client work is my forte, and business stuff is something I never know quite how to tackle. Thanks to Lisa, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore! From our session, I got a clear understanding of the direction I want to take my business, the kind of entrepreneur I want to be, and she even threw in brilliant marketing strategies and advice. If you’re like me and struggle with processes and the business side of entrepreneurship and authorship, Lisa is THE PERSON to call. Thanks so much, Lisa, I can’t wait for our next session.

Lidija HiljeLidija Hilje, Book Coach and Writer (Zadar, Croatia),

I interviewed a few writer coaches and felt like Lisa and I clicked during our initial Cappuccino Chat. I signed up for the 3-month Pronto Package and then added on an extra month to continue. Lisa helped me to see the focus of my fiction — my unique position of life experience to write exactly this, and my branding words. It was liberating – this is what I do, this is who I am, only I can write this.

I was amazed by not only Lisa’s generosity and kindness, but also floored by her willingness to go into the ugly closet of issues I didn’t think would come up (because I hide them so well), and how well she handled them when they did raise their ugly heads. I’m not sure other coaches would have wanted, or been able, to go “there” with me. It was so much more than productivity and branding for my writer career! It was the mental game, the issues that were holding me back. The chance to exorcise them with a kind, understanding, and capable writer coach was beyond helpful. It was, pretty much, either life-changing or game-changing- or both!

LuLu JohnsonLuLu Johnson, Southern Writer, Woman of the World,

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