I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the Webinar Program Leader and Host for the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association since spring 2019, and it’s a role I relish. It provides me with a front-row seat to fabulous presenters and professional development, and helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the writing community and publishing industry. One particular area of that community and industry that I’m passionate about is diversity and inclusion.

So it was my distinct honor to serve as moderator and contributor to a panel discussion for WFWA on “Understanding Diversity: Avoiding Harmful Depictions in Your Writing” on October 8, 2020. The panelists included literary agent Kim Lionetti, diversity consultant Patricia Evelyn Green-Rodgers, and author Nancy Johnson. They were wonderful, contributing wise words and experiences. I loved the questions from attendees and the interactive discussion.

It’s always so rewarding when our various life and career experiences collide with our new ones in unexpected ways. Who would have known that my background as an employment discrimination lawyer, former instructor of deaf students, and nonfiction author (read: research geek!) would come in so handy now as I write fiction? I love being a part of helping to promote good literary citizenship.

WFWA webinars are usually only available to members, but because the topic is so important, the association has decided to make the webinar public. Visit https://www.womensfictionwriters.org/webinar-replays to watch. I hope the discussion helps to educate, inform, and inspire.

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Diversity Webinar