I had the pleasure of joining my writer pal Jennifer Klepper a few weeks ago for her WIPMondays video series on Instagram, which stands for Work in Progress (because we are all a work in progress!). We chatted about productivity, and specifically creating a Not-To-Do List.

blog postOur To-Do Lists always focus on what we have, should, or need to do. Flip it! There’s wisdom, not to mention freedom, in creating a Not-To-Do List, which can consist of giving your existing To-Do List a diet or creating a separate list of tasks, activities, goals or projects that you can delete to free up time for space and energy.

Check out Jennifer’s blog post, which includes a summary of our chat, some useful links to go deeper, what we were reading when we chatted, and the video of the interview/chat itself (8 minutes long).

If you’re a member of the Insta-Neighborhood, check out my Instagram Story for more information and to watch the video there. If we aren’t connected there yet, let’s rectify that pronto.

Curious about where the acronym WIP comes from? In the fiction-writing world (where Jennifer and I met and continue to engage and connect with each other), the manuscript a writer is drafting is referred to as a Work in Progress, or WIP. She applies that to herself and her viewers every Monday morning by chatting with an expert who offers advice on how we can all be a better version of ourselves. Be sure to follow Jennifer on Instagram to catch more of her WIPMondays series.

Now go give your To-Do List a diet and take some things off it!