Pronto means ready in Italian! This package is for the writer who is ready to take a deeper dive into coaching in order to fully develop and implement goals, while having me on your team as your writing and business partner.

This 3-month package consists of:

  • Six (6) 60-minute phone or video sessions on a biweekly basis (access to audio or video recording will be made available upon request).
  • Client intake form sent to you by email prior to our first session.
  • Pre-session form for you to fill out prior to each session to update me on your celebrations, challenges, accomplishments, and action steps.
  • Review of up to 500 words of your fiction or nonfiction writing before or after each session.
  • Coaching notes and action plan provided after each session that includes actionable tasks to keep you motivated.
  • Weekly check-in by email between sessions to track progress and keep you accountable.
  • Accountability form for you to fill out and send between sessions to stay on track.
  • Email access to me with any questions/concerns between sessions.

Once your package is booked, I will send you an email with a client intake form. We will then select a mutually convenient date and time for our first session, and I will send you a video meeting link.