by Liane Moriarty

I’m realizing that Liane Moriarty is becoming one of my favorite authors. I love her characters and the way she structures her books and weaves her stories. I have heard mixed things about this book so I went in expecting to not like it as much as her others. But I really enjoyed it! I found the characters to be so complex which made it a lot more interesting. I also enjoyed the unique structure which jumped back-and-forth in time (using a major event as the before and after), and had many different characters point of view. I’m realizing that this type of alternative structure, as opposed to telling the story in chronological order, or telling the entire story from one character‘s point of view, very much appeals to me. I enjoyed the little bit of mystery that was involved, as well as the overall message of how friendships and relationships can be at times sustaining and nurturing and at other times be toxic. Well done!