by Sara Novic

I was sent an advanced reader copy (ARC) of this fantastic book that publishes in April 2022 called True Biz by author Sara Novic, who is deaf. The book brought back so many memories of my time years ago teaching at the NY School for the Deaf. 🤟

Sara does something really unique in the book where she incorporates sign language into the dialogue. Hard to explain but it feels revolutionary. I also know that she is signing the parts where a character is using ASL and they are incorporating it into the audiobook so you can “hear” the sign language if you are a hearing person. Really cool!

Transcription of video book recommendation in American Sign Language. To watch video on my You Tube Channel, click here:


Hi! My name is Lisa Montanaro. Sign name: L going down wavy hair. I’m hearing but I have an aunt and uncle, friends, and former students who are deaf. I studied sign language years ago and worked as an Instructor at the New York School for the Deaf, which is named Fanwood and is in New York State.

Today I want to recommend a fantastic book to you named True Biz by author Sara Novic. True Biz is about a deaf school with one character who is a teacher and two characters that are students. Well actually, there are many students in the book! The book covers many interesting and important topics such as cochlear impacts, communication, ASL, deaf schools, and it’s a really good book. I want hearing people to read this book for sure because deaf culture is fascinating and you will learn a lot. And it covers important topics. Please look for this book. I think it’s an important, interesting and wonderful read. You will love it! Thank you.