by Yada Gyasi

What an amazing book! I loved Gyasi’s first book, Homegoing. This one is so different, and yet, equally special. It feels more intimate, and I’ve heard it’s inspired by her real life, so took on new meaning for me. I love family dramas, especially ones that examine the implications of deeply held family secrets and the ensuing shame that often accompany them into the next generation. I loved the way Gyasi cycled from past to present throughout the book, weaving in the protagonist’s past to make sense of her adulthood in the present and the choices she makes. It delves deeply into whether we can escape our past, or somehow heal ourselves from the trauma. The book deals with weighty issues such as addiction, mental illness, evangelical religion, evolution, science, and racism. But throughout it all, there is love and hope. That’s the message I’m holding onto after reading this.