by Lori Nelson Spielman

I adored this book! It has so many features that I love. Family drama, long-hidden secrets, an interesting cast of characters, great food, a sprinkling of Italian words/language, dual timeline story, two point of view protagonists, and fantastic settings — NYC and Italy.

The present day story highlights Emilia, a late twenties/early thirties woman trying to make her way in love, life, career, and family — and to come to terms with an old family “curse” (superstition) that the second-born daughters of her family (a category she belongs to) will never find love, marry, or have children. The past story highlights Emilia’s aunt Poppy living in Italy during the 1940s, during and after WWII, and her connection to the family curse and to Emilia’s past and future.

The story and characters are so compelling and the writing is fast paced. The author does a wonderful job with setting, immersing you in Italian culture. And there’s an epic love story that draws you in (but I’m not saying where, when, or who!).

I loved this book and didn’t want it to end!