by Adriana Trigiani

I adored this book! It’s one of those sweeping love stories that takes you from Italy at the turn-of-the-century to America during the first and second world wars. It is the story of Ciro and Enza, who meet on their mountain in the Italian Alps, and covers their friends, families, journeys, hopes, dreams, desires, and tragedies. I loved the portions of the book in Italy since that’s where my ancestors are from. My grandmother was a seamstress so reading about how Enza became a seamstress was so interesting. And I loved the sections of the book that took place in New York since I’ve spent most of my life living there. Little Italy, Hoboken, Ellis Island, the Metropolitan Opera House… so wonderful to read about those places in a historical context. On a deeper level, the book explores the concept of home in all of its meanings. So beautiful!