by Sue Monk Kidd

Loved this book!I am a huge fan of historical fiction and this book is a perfect example of why it works so well. It tells the story of Sarah Grimké, the Southern daughter of a slave owner and judge residing in Charleston, SC in the 1800s. Sarah is a real person who became an abolitionist and suffragist. She always thought she was destined for bigger things and yearned to be a lawyer, but her family and society would not permit it. She loved to read and write, and had a strong sense of social justice and equality. She is now one of my new favorite historical figures.

The book also follows the story of Heddy, aka Handful, a slave owned by the Grimké family. What a great character. I think this book resonated with me even more because I just spent some time in Charleston. It is a city of uncommon beauty, but bears the scars of slavery, which was such a big part of its history. This is my second book by Sue Monk Kidd and I’m a huge fan of her work.