by Jennifer Robson

I loved this book! I actually have a bit of a book hangover after finishing it. So well done. Historical fiction at its finest. I loved the dual timeline and the three female protagonists.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected but it was phenomenal. I expected it to be a lot more about the British royal family, and Queen Elizabeth‘s gown. But that was just the backdrop. The story is really about two amazing women that come together in post-World War II London who are embroiderers who work for the designer of the gown that Queen Elizabeth wears for her wedding. One of them is from France, and the other from Great Britain. The third character is the granddaughter of the British embroiderer who is currently living in Canada.

The storyline, character development, historical facts, and writing are all wonderful. If you love historical fiction and strong women coming together during difficult times, be sure to give this one a read.