by Adriana Trigiani

What a book! Loved it. Historical fiction at its best. The modern-day story is wonderful, with a family filled with characters that you want to get to know, and enjoy spending time with. The story is multi-generational, and the past story, taking place during WWII is absolutely gripping. I loved the setting of Lucca and ViaReggio in Italy, two places I just visited this summer.

The past story also has scenes in Scotland, where many Italians immigrated before World War II. They were known as Britalians, and some of them faced hardship and death during the war due to Mussolini and his support of Germany during the war.

There is also a sweeping love story that is so beautiful. Actually, there are several love stories that are beautiful!

If you love historical fiction, multi-generational stories, World War II fiction, and Italy and Italian culture, definitely give this one a read!