by Cristina Henriquez

This book is so wonderful. I love how it is told from the perspective of multiple characters and yet you still feel like you intimately get to know each one of them. The writing is fantastic and really draws you in. But most importantly, the topic of the life of a Latino immigrant is so timely right now.

I feel like this book should be required reading in all of the schools in America, plus by almost every adult. It really captures their plight from the decision to leave their own country to come to America, to the harrowing experience that most of them have getting here, to only be faced with horrible living conditions, and jobs that almost no one would want to do, and that are often beneath the jobs that they had in the countries that they left. What ties this book together is the story of two families, and a boy and a girl. You wind up caring very deeply for them.

I know this is the type of work that is going to stay with me long after I’ve finished reading it.