by Karma Brown

Karma Brown is a fabulous author. I’ve enjoyed some of her novels over the last few years. And I was surprised to see that she was publishing her first non-fiction book… and on productivity! As a certified organizing and productivity consultant, nonfiction author, and fiction writer, this one intrigued me. And it delivered! So many of the tips, research, strategies, and stories are ones I share with my coaching clients and audiences. And I love that the book was one part journalism and one part storytelling. Definitely makes for an engaging read.

Karma explores how getting up one hour earlier per day (for her, at 5 AM), boosts productivity and helps you focus on the thing that you most want to do (for her, writing). One hour out of twenty-four is 4%. That’s where the term 4% fix stems from.

Not everyone will be able to do the 4% fix. As Karma notes in the book, it’s a very simple approach, but that doesn’t make it easy. For those that use this as a reminder to find an extra hour in their day when there are the least distractions and interruptions, and to focus on something they truly want to do for themselves, reading this book will be time well spent.