by Stanley Tucci

Delightful, delicious, hysterical, and heartwarming. I adored this book!! I listened to it on audio and I’m glad I did because Stanley Tucci narrates it himself. His great voice, dry wit and sense of humor, and impeccable delivery make the audiobook a wonderful listening experience. The only downside is you then don’t see the included recipes written out. But he does read them to you! So you can either write them out yourself or buy the print version of this memoir or his cookbook.

It was uncanny how similar my upbringing was to Stanley’s. We both grew up in Westchester County, New York in Italian-American families, with mothers that were amazing cooks, and where food was in some ways the center of all things. Listening to his memoir was at times like visiting with an old friend, and I was often faced with a kaleidoscope of wonderful memories. Grazie!

This memoir covers food, family, marriage, illness, children, his acting career, and more. The book made me laugh and cry, caused my stomach to growl with hunger often, and inspired me to try even more great food and libations. Cheers!