by Stephanie Danler

Raw, edgy, and dark but riveting book about a 22 year old young woman who comes to NYC to find herself and strike out on her own. Without a plan, and unsure of what she wants to do with her future, she winds up getting a job at one of the most popular New York City restaurants. What follows is a sensory experience on every level: food, wine, drugs, sex, etc. At times it’s so difficult because you know that she’s getting drawn into a dark world where there will not be a happy ending. And yet, you also realize that she has to make her own mistakes along the way, and slowly mature and learn life‘s tough lessons. Probably not a book for everyone because it can be dark and raunchy and shows the underbelly of the city, the industry, and her makeshift family of friends, lovers, and misfits. But the writing is exquisite…and the story demands your attention.