by Curtis Sittenfeld

So good! I loved this funny, fast-paced, whip-smart, and well-written romcom. The protagonist is a comedy writer for a fictionalized version of Saturday Night Live. And wow did this author go deep into research and it shows! The set up is a male celebrity comes to guest host and be a musician on the show, and the female comedy writer winds up working with him on several sketches. Do sparks fly? Is it possible that a superstar rock ‘n’ roll musician would fall in love with an “average” snarky behind-the-scenes writer? That’s the premise! I loved the characters. Especially the protagonist! I swear I want to hang out with her.

My only gripe is that I don’t think the title really matches the book. I understand why the author named it Romantic Comedy, but I feel like there were some better choices. The Night Owls maybe? In any event, I loved the book! If you enjoy wicked smart romcoms with great character development, give this one a read!