by Kevin Kwan

I really loved this book! The characters were so well-developed, and had depth, flaws and other complexities that made them so interesting to spend time with. I would consider this a family drama. It centers around a very flawed, narcissistic mother who is dying and wants to make peace with her three daughters. The sisters have been estranged from their mother and from each other for years. The book starts in present day where you meet the mother, Ronni sunshine, an actress living in Westport, Connecticut. And then it flashes back to the past with some glimpses into the sisters childhoods, early adulthood, and then eventually midlife, when they’re all drawn back to their mother’s side as she’s dying. I enjoyed some of the side characters and story lines that revolve around the family. But it’s really the relationship between the three sisters and their mother that is at the heart of this book and what make it so good. It made me tear up and smile, and was a very satisfying read. Just the kind of book that I was in the mood to lose myself in.