by Ernest Cline

I enjoyed this book a lot more than I expected to. And a big reason why is that although it’s a sci fi fantasy novel set in the future circa 2045, the framework of the virtual setting that is highly featured throughout the book (known as The Oasis) uses the 1980s as a reference point. And I grew up in the 80s so found that aspect of the book really appealing!! The music, movies, games, clothing and culture of the 80s essentially becomes a character.

The actual plot centers around a young man named Wade who is trying to win a world wide game and is battling the evil Sixers who want to take over the virtual world. The real world has gone to hell. People have lost their real life connections to each other. Can Wade and his friends come together to defeat the evil guys? It’s a fun fast paced journey that pulls you in and takes you along for the ride!