by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Fantastic love triangle romance! I love Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books. They never disappoint and they always feel unique. This one features a woman named Emma who falls in love in high school with Jesse and marries him, to then have him disappear in a helicopter accident over the Pacific Ocean and be presumed dead. After years of grief, she falls in love again with Sam, who she worked with back in high school and has always had a thing for her. She rebuilds her life, and finds happiness again, getting engaged to Sam. And then finds out that her husband Jesse is alive!

What happens next makes up the narrative of the story, all told from her point of view. And it’s a riveting roller coaster ride. There are no easy answers or solutions, and you know there will be heartache. But you can’t turn away. You have to see it through and find out who is Emma’s one true love. Or can it be that there are two true loves, but only one future one that will last a lifetime? Loved this book!