by Stephen King

Wow! Loved this book. I took my time with it, savoring all of the stories, exercises, advice, and humor. I enjoyed the variety. The first part is very much a memoir of Stephen King’s childhood. The second part is an insider’s look at his writing process. He then throws in some writer advice and guidelines (from his perspective of course). And then there is a short memoir at the end of his accident in 1999 when he was hit by a van while out walking and sustained brutal injuries (he is truly lucky to be alive!).

I loved reading about his journey to becoming a writer, and then famous author. I loved reading about his writing process (I’m fascinated by people’s different creative processes!). And I also loved reading about his childhood (I’m a sucker for memoirs).

His writing advice is really helpful and so accessible. He breaks it down in a way that is so easy to understand.

But what I think I enjoyed the most is how funny he is! I didn’t expect that. I’m going to admit something that’s going to seem shocking to many people… I’ve never read a Stephen King novel in my life! He’s just way too scary for me. But I grew up with a mother and an uncle that couldn’t put his books down and constantly told me about them. I was also forced to see many of the movies that were adapted from his books (which meant I had a lot of nights not being able to sleep… Oh the horror!). So I had no idea that he has a wicked sense of humor. And I absolutely loved it!

If you’re into Stephen King, love memoirs, are a writer, or even thinking of writing, read this book. It’s pretty awesome!