by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Fascinating memoir/biography about the incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I thought I knew a decent amount about her but this book made me realize how little I really did. My knowledge of her just scratched the surface. I am in awe of her… as a person, lawyer, professor, wife, colleague, friend, trailblazer, researcher, feminist, and jurist. The body of work that she has contributed to our society, our law schools, our courts and our world is astounding. And she does it all with calm, grace, humor and an uncanny intellect.

I think this book appealed to me more than the average person as I’m a female lawyer that was obsessed with constitutional law during law school and in the decade that I practiced law. It is a dense book filled with select lectures, speeches, hearings and writings of Bader Ginsburg. It may be a bit too detailed for some reader’s taste. But it is a rare treat to be able to go so deep into one person’s body of work while she remains a member of the court. At 83 years old, Bader Ginsburg is still going. And I for one will be forever grateful that she rose to the level of Supreme Court Justice. What a legacy she will leave us! She is now one of my new personal and professional heroes.

From one opera lover to another… Brava Ginsburg!