by Liz Moore

Great book! I heard a lot about it but I’m glad that I went into it not knowing the genre or plot. I would call this police procedural thriller meets family drama. At the center of the story are two sisters who take a completely different path, but whose lives are still closely intertwined. One is a Philadelphia police officer, and one is a drug addict and prostitute. The book is narrated from Mickey’s perspective, the police officer. You learn about the sisters’ background via backstory and flashbacks that are woven in nicely. I found the storyline interesting and the character development deep. I did figure out the police procedural thriller part of the story, but there were times when it kept me guessing. The book felt unique to me in that it was somewhat genre-bending, not fitting neatly into strictly police procedural thriller or family drama, but including aspects of both — and pulling it off!