by Angela Duckworth

This is one of the best personal and professional development books I’ve read in a long time. It’s extremely well researched, with fascinating stories and case studies interspersed throughout the scientific facts. I can see it being applicable to every profession and hobby, as well as interpersonal relationships. I am fascinated with the psychology of achievement, and so picked up this book to read it for my coaching, consulting, and speaking business to pass along the research to my individual clients, organizational clients, and audiences. And yet… It’s going to help me immensely as a writer!

If you are an athlete, artist, parent, coach, mentor, leader, etc., this book has valuable lessons on what makes some people more gritty than others. Passion, perseverance, deliberate practice, intellectual curiosity, and self-discipline, all are covered in fascinating ways. I have a feeling I will be reading this book again!