by Tembi Locke

I’ve got such a book hangover after listening to this memoir on audiobook. What a fantastic book in every way. Beautifully written with gorgeous sensory details of Sicily and its people and food, it follows the love affair of the author, who is an African-American woman, and her husband, a Sicilian man. They meet when she is spending time in Florence during college, and a beautiful relationship unfolds. There is love, laughter, growth, the journey to becoming parents, illness, death, heartache, and memory. It’s all there, and this story gave me all the feels. It will stay with me. As an Italian-American of Sicilian ancestry with a deep love for Italy, I originally picked up this book for that reason. And it didn’t disappoint. But it is the story of this couple, their family, and their journey that made its way into my soul. Now I cannot wait to watch the Netflix series!