by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto is back indeed!! And I loved every moment of it. Taylor Jenkins Reid has done it yet again. I love how she takes a minor character from a previous book (Malibu Rising) and makes them the focus of a future book. I also love how she throws in references to things mentioned in her other books, connecting the world-building between them.

This book was a deep dive into the concepts of mastery and obsession, when someone is so consumed by a talent, passion, and calling. I loved being in the head of a champion! The character of Soto may not have always been likable, but she was riveting. I adored her relationship with her father. In many ways, that was the true love story of the book for sure.

What I found surprising is that I was obsessed with the tennis! And I’m not even a big tennis fan. For those of you that are, get your hands on this book. But even if you aren’t, tennis is the backdrop for the book, but the real theme is what it takes to be a champion, including the sacrifices and being lonely at the top. With a creative use of newspaper articles and sportscasting announcements thrown into the audiobook narration, this book shines!