by Michelle Obama

I took my time reading the hardcover version of this book, savoring every word. I didn’t want it to end! I already thought I knew a lot about Michelle Obama (and am a big fan!), but of course, the book gives you the insider’s view, which is fascinating.

What I didn’t know is how much we have in common. It was almost uncanny at times. (Well except, of course, I’ve never been First Lady of the United States!) Our working-class family upbringing, first-generation college/graduate student, becoming lawyers, working at big corporate law firms, realizing that we were disillusioned with the practice of law and leaving to go do something else, and sharing a first kiss with our now husband’s while on a date for ice cream.

I loved learning more about what it was like to be the first Black family in the White House, the initiatives that she developed and worked on, how she dealt (with dignity) being in the spotlight and some of the ugliness that came along with that, and how she balanced work/family/political role and more. It was a fascinating glimpse into an extraordinary woman and family. Loved it!!