by Fredrick Backman

Oh my god, this book! It’s so freaking good.

Backman is definitely one of my all-time favorite authors. Every book of his that I read, I am blown away. This one is quirky (as all of his books are), clever, philosophical, emotional, humorous, mysterious, and surprising. I love his characters. He uses third-person omniscient point of view so masterfully. He reveals exactly what you need to know at exactly the right time, weaving in and out of the story with a tight lens or pulling back to a wide lens when he needs to. I felt like I got to know these characters so well that I’m going to miss them now that the book is over. I can already see this book being adapted for film or TV.

I didn’t really know what to expect and in some ways, I’m glad I went in unaware. The plot was very unexpected and kept surprising me at every turn. As long as Backman keeps writing books, I’ll keep reading them.