by Margarita Montimore

First book of the new year! And it was a great one. I really loved this author’s former book, Oona Out of Order, about a woman that lives her life out of order. So I was eagerly awaiting Acts of Violet. (love the title!). And I wasn’t disappointed.

This book is a mystery mixed with family drama, with elements of speculative fiction thrown in. And it works! It’s about two sisters, one of which is Violet Volk, a world-famous magician that disappears during one of her stage acts. The other is her sister, Sasha, who has been grappling with the demons of her sister‘s disappearance and is now staring at the 20th anniversary of that fateful night. The characters are complex and well written, and the storyline is unique and creative. I loved trying to figure out what happened to Violet, while also learning more about the sister that she left behind.