by Jennifer Egan

I’ve heard a lot about this book over the years. It is certainly unique! I can see why some people absolutely love it, and think it’s extraordinary and why it doesn’t quite do it for others. The writing is superb. But the structure is fractured, and it reads almost like a series of short stories. The overarching theme seems to be life and mortality. Some of the characters are very unlikable, others, a bit more endearing. There’s a lot of drugs, missed chances, lost opportunities, and at times it can feel somewhat depressing. I did start to make connections between the characters much later in the book and found myself thinking about earlier ones and their relationship to each other. I did feel a sense of hope at the end, thankfully. The “goon squad” will come for all of us at some point, and the message seems to be live life to the fullest in the meantime.