We all have labels. Some of them we are born into, some of them others give us, and some of them we give ourselves.

There are the ones that we are born into. For me, those include human, female, Italian American, New Yorker, and native English speaker.

There are the personal labels that define our relationships to others. Wife, daughter, sister, savvy auntie, friend, furry baby mama. These are the labels that I wear in my personal life and that define the day-to-day experience I get to share with my loved ones.

And then there are the labels that define our careers. I’ve worn many! Lawyer, mediator, teacher, sign language instructor, career counselor, success coach, productivity consultant, business strategist, speaker, professional organizer, entrepreneur. These are the labels that I’ve had the privilege of wearing, some for short periods of time, some for much longer, throughout my working life and career.

But we also all have a creative side. And that’s with this website is all about. Welcome to my creative side! This is where the labels that I wear are very different from the other ones that define me. Writer. Reader. Performer. Creativity Lover.

I can also add eternal optimist, nature lover, hiker, vegetarian, dog rescuer, language lover, world traveler, fashionista, tea drinker, chocoholic, wine enthusiast, beer snob, singer, dancer, thespian, baton twirler, runner, cyclist, swimmer, horseback rider and former nail biter!

What are your creative labels? Do you wear them proudly, or sometimes bury them too far beneath the surface? Do your other (responsible, required) labels almost always win out? I get that. Hopefully, this blog and website will be a reminder to tap into your creative side and let the labels out that often play second fiddle to all of the others. Or even come up with clever and creative ways to combine labels.

Let’s all wear our creative labels proudly. Because they look pretty darn good on us, don’t they? 🙂