My Author Branding Chapter in the Launch Pad Anthology Series

There’s nothing like holding the actual book in your hands! So excited to see my Author Branding chapter in print in the third book of the Launch Pad series published by Red Penguin Books. This awesome anthology brings together so many wonderful minds to share valuable and actionable content on how to write, publish, and market your book. The brilliant Grace Sammon and Mary Helen Sheriff spearheaded this project, along with Emma Dhesi and Stephanie Larkin of Red Penguin Books. [...]

Progress on my Debut Novel Publication: I Got Assigned my Editor!!

Progress on the publication of my debut novel! I got assigned my content editor by my publisher and I’m thrilled to be working with her. She has an awesome background, believes in this book, connects with the three point of view characters, and has ideas to make the manuscript even stronger. We are having a lengthy phone chat (which I'm sure will be the first of many) to go over her feedback and then I [...]

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In Memoriam: Remembering the High School English Teacher Who Influenced my Love of Literature & Writing

Yesterday, I learned the sad news that my high school English teacher, Joseph McLaughlin, passed away. I was devastated, and even all these years later, burst into tears immediately upon hearing the news. All of a sudden I was back in 12th grade sitting in his class, learning Shakespeare, studying the song lyrics of Bob Dylan and the Beatles, and solidifying my love of language and literature, which has stayed with me to this day. [...]

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It’s Official! Announcing My Debut Novel Book Deal

Well, it’s official!! I’m thrilled to share that after six years of working on my manuscript, my debut novel will be published by Red Adept Publishing next year. Woot! I got the news on my birthday weekend in January while Sean and I were away on vacation. Happy freaking birthday to me! I signed the contract a few days later with flowers from one of my best friends nearby, a bottle of champagne, and my [...]

Let’s Go Dutch! Being Inspired by the Bike Culture in the Netherlands

I was so excited to have a recent article I published, “Let’s Go Dutch! Being Inspired by the Bike Culture in the Netherlands” quoted and tweeted by the Dutch Cycling Assembly. Woot! What a wonderful surprise. And I love that they used photos I took in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  Here's a link to the article online. But because it’s one of my faves, I'm including the entire piece below as a blog post. Hope it inspires you [...]

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Writing a Book is Like Getting a Tattoo on Your Face

I was doing a coaching session with one of my writer coaching clients recently, and she shared how although she decided to coach with me to work on her branding and productivity, it was actually the mindset shifts that helped her the most. Yes, we worked on her social media profiles, created content for her website, drafted her bios, and worked on her writing schedule. But the deep work we did on shifting her mindset as a writer is what freed [...]

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Video: We Are All a Work In Progress: The Wisdom & Freedom of Creating a Not-To-Do List!

I had the pleasure of joining my writer pal Jennifer Klepper a few weeks ago for her WIPMondays video series on Instagram, which stands for Work in Progress (because we are all a work in progress!). We chatted about productivity, and specifically creating a Not-To-Do List. Our To-Do Lists always focus on what we have, should, or need to do. Flip it! There's wisdom, not to mention freedom, in creating a Not-To-Do List, which can [...]

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A Visit to the New American Writers Museum: An Inspiring Afternoon with the Written Word

Last fall, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the new American Writers Museum in Chicago. The museum opened to the public in May 2017, and I visited in October 2017, only five months later. What a treat! I was accompanied by my writer friend and co-member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Nancy Johnson, who lives in Chicago. It was wonderful to spend time with Nancy and in such an inspiring place for writers! [...]

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