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Announcing my New Facebook Author Page

Big news!! Announcing my new author page on Facebook. Facebook.com/LisaMontanaroAuthor For those who have been following my previous Facebook business page, you will notice that it has shifted to my new author page. If you are interested in continuing to follow my journey as a productivity consultant, executive coach, and speaker, head on over to my business website, where I hang my professional shingle (www.CenterStageSuccess.com) or connect with me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/lisamontanaro). For those who [...]

The New Clubhouse Social Media App: Podcasting with Participation

I had the pleasure recently of co-presenting on the topic of "Productivity for Writers During the Pandemic" on Clubhouse, hosted by the literary agent Carly Watters. If you missed that talk, no worries. I plan to highlight some productivity tips for writers and other creatives in future blog posts issues, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you're thinking, “I don’t need another social media app,” that’s exactly what I thought about Clubhouse. But after several clients encouraged me [...]

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