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Progress on my Debut Novel Publication: I Got Assigned my Editor!!

Progress on the publication of my debut novel! I got assigned my content editor by my publisher and I’m thrilled to be working with her. She has an awesome background, believes in this book, connects with the three point of view characters, and has ideas to make the manuscript even stronger. We are having a lengthy phone chat (which I'm sure will be the first of many) to go over her feedback and then I [...]

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It’s Official! Announcing My Debut Novel Book Deal

Well, it’s official!! I’m thrilled to share that after six years of working on my manuscript, my debut novel will be published by Red Adept Publishing next year. Woot! I got the news on my birthday weekend in January while Sean and I were away on vacation. Happy freaking birthday to me! I signed the contract a few days later with flowers from one of my best friends nearby, a bottle of champagne, and my [...]


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