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Let’s Go Dutch! Being Inspired by the Bike Culture in the Netherlands

I was so excited to have a recent article I published, “Let’s Go Dutch! Being Inspired by the Bike Culture in the Netherlands” quoted and tweeted by the Dutch Cycling Assembly. Woot! What a wonderful surprise. And I love that they used photos I took in [...]

By |December 27th, 2022|Writing|

Low Down for Writers from a Literary Agent:

A Conversation with Literary Agent Nikki Terpilowski of Holloway Literary for Women’s Fiction Day On June 8, 2020, I had the pleasure of interviewing literary agent Nikki Terpilowski of Holloway Literary for the Women’s Fiction Day events hosted by the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). [...]

By |March 25th, 2022|Writer Conferences, Writer Training, Writing Community|

La Dolce Far Niente ~ The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

The Italians have a phrase that I’ve always loved: La Dolce Far Niente — the sweetness of doing nothing. It refers to the pastime of languishing happily, letting the world pass by while you relax, savor, and soak it in. It sounds so decadent. And most of us crave it, but [...]

By |March 23rd, 2022|Gratitude|

A Life-Saving Gesture of Friendship & Bravery: An Uplifting Tale of Two Writer Pals

Want an uplifting story that gives you faith in humanity? I am so proud to know these two amazing women, and humbled to witness a beautiful expression of humanity, friendship, and bravery. One needs a kidney and the other is donating it! Kelly Hartog [...]

By |March 10th, 2022|Gratitude, Writing Community|

Book Recommendation of True Biz by Sara Novic – Video in American Sign Language

I believe in boosting books by diverse authors. Along those lines, I want to share something special with you. I was sent an advanced reader copy (ARC) of a fantastic book that is publishing in the next month called True Biz by author [...]

By |March 9th, 2022|Book Reviews|

Surround Yourself with Believing Eyes on Your Creative Journey

The life coach, writer, and Harvard negotiator Martha Beck talks about the concept of believing eyes in her book Finding Your Northstar — a book that I devoured when I was making a major career transition from being a lawyer to launching my own business in 2002 on the [...]

By |July 18th, 2021|Creativity, Gratitude, Writer Coaching|


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