14 09, 2017

A Look Back: My Favorite Books of 2016

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2016 was a banner year of reading in my world! I read many debut novels, discovered writers that were new to me, and revisited writers from my past that I knew I loved. I wound up reading and reviewing 84 books total!  People started asking me for my favorites of the year or which ones stood out. And there were so many good ones last year that it's hard to choose! But alas, I went [...]

13 06, 2017

Book Worm Alert: Reading for Pleasure Has Been the Best New Year’s Resolution Ever!

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I know it is June, so it may seem strange to bring up New Year’s resolutions. But in some ways, it is perfect. What’s the point of setting a New Year’s Resolution if you don’t commit to it? So I thought I’d share mine with you in case you want to try it yourself at any point in the year, or perhaps as inspiration to get back to your own New Year’s Resolution. And the [...]

6 06, 2017

Wear Your Labels Proudly: Let That Creative Side Come Out to Play!

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We all have labels. Some of them we are born into, some of them others give us, and some of them we give ourselves. There are the ones that we are born into. For me, those include human, female, Italian American, New Yorker, and native English speaker. There are the personal labels that define our relationships to others. Wife, daughter, sister, savvy auntie, friend, furry baby mama. These are the labels that I wear in [...]